21 Things To Do Before I’m 21

I’m not normally one for setting goals. I don’t make new years resolutions or monthly plans, I don’t make vision boards…I don’t even Pinterest. Because if I set myself these targets, make them concrete and then fail to succeed in every single one it makes me feel awful. Sometimes I’m so afraid of failing I don’t try.

Recently I read a book called: The 50 List A Father’s Heartfelt Message to His Daughter by Nigel Holland. In 2012 Nigel Holland embarked on a challenge of 50 things to do before he was 50 to inspire his daughter as they shared the same disability. The incredible thing about this book wasn’t the challenge itself but the message. Nigel didn’t complete his list, although he was incredibly close! But he didn’t count it as a loss because he had succeeded in inspiring his daughter and achieved more than he thought possible of himself.

Nigel’s story inspired me to push myself. To see what I’m capable of while accepting that if I don’t achieve everything it isn’t a complete disaster. It’s just life. His story is about facing fear and defying expectations. It’s something everyone should aspire to. I’m starting with the easy stuff. The things that have been floating around the back of my mind but I’ve never put into action. I’ve pondered, recorded categorised and now it’s time to start doing. So here it is, 21 things to do before I turn 21.


I’ve never been great at looking after myself. I don’t exercise or eat healthily, I regularly work until I burn out and it can have a seriously negative impact on my life. I want to change that. To make more of an effort to put good food in my body, exercise more and really take the time to look after myself.

1. Go for a long bike ride

2. Learn to cook properly

3. Start swimming regularly

4. Take time each week for self care and relaxation


Recently I’ve felt as if I’m in a bit of a social rut. I have a wonderful group of friends who mean the world to me but part of me wants to expand that group. To meet new people who I wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet, who can teach me new things and can maybe even change my perspective on the world.

5. Spend 2 weeks away from social media

6. Learn to speak more honestly

7. Tell someone they inspire me

8. Start a conversation with someone I wouldn’t usually speak to


Work is a crazy thing. Sometimes it can feel stifling, sometimes it’s inspiring. As well as completing my apprenticeship and continuing my career in (hopefully) the right direction I want to explore other opportunities. I feel like before I can really begin planning my future I need to make sure I’ve seen what’s out there.

9. Finish my apprenticeship

10. Learn to budget

11. Fill this blog with regular content

12. Start doing volunteer work


Writing has always been a passion of mine. (A blogger who loves writing? Shocker!) It’s something I always want to improve upon and also gain confidence with, as too often when I write it stays locked safely away in a notepad in my desk drawer.

13. Take a writing course

14. Join/start a book club

15. Publish some of my poetry


This is the big one. I’ve always been so afraid of travelling. Most of the time anxiety gets the better of me and plans I make get replaced with excuses followed by regret. The ultimate challenges for me are below. It’s not the acts themselves, it’s doing them alone. Without a safety net or someone to rely on. Keep your fingers crossed for me on these ones!

16. Travel somewhere new completely alone

17. See a new country

18. Explore London

19. Visit 3 museums/art galleries

20. See 3 new plays

21. Explore a new place without a plan

So there we have it! 21 things to do before I’m 21. I hope to achieve atleast a few of these things and as an incentive, I’m taking you lovely folk with me! I’ll hopefully be blogging my adventures and achievements as I go. Wish me luck!



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