Pay No Attention To The Girl Behind The Curtain. . .

Have you ever noticed the girl behind the curtain? She’s the one flitting in and out of view; never more than a shadow in the corner of your eyes. Do you know what she does?behind-the-curtain-001

The girl behind the curtain isn’t there because she’s shy. People think she is a nightmare, hiding away from the world. But she is there to help. Tucked away out of view she can watch the world without becoming tangled in webs, made from quiet conversations and office romances. Hidden away she can guide us, making sure that we don’t become tangled either.

Do you remember that boyfriend from a couple years back? You know the one I mean. The devilishly handsome one with dark eyes and a wasp sting on the end of his tongue. He was the one who swept you off your feet but then threw you into the dirt just as quickly. Do you remember how you followed him? Let his vice grip drag you down paths you had no interest in walking no matter how tempting he made them seem. Do you remember how he made you feel? When his words washed over you then pooled onto the ground. Building and building like tidal waves until you were drowning in his ‘oh so important’ opinions. But you would forgive him so long as his sentences ended in ‘I love you.’ He was the first one to make you cry into your coffee cup. He was the last one to touch you like he owned you.

Do you remember the whispers? You probably don’t. They were just fleeting thoughts that danced across your mind.

“He isn’t worth it.”

“Why do you let him treat you this way?”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“Is this what love’s supposed to be?”

You ignored them at first. But they fell like rain and you were oh so thirsty for something sweeter than his venomous lies.

They were the words that gave you freedom. That gave you the strength to throw his clothes out of the window and his ass out of the door. How could you forget the moment his hand fell from your wrist and you were free to turn whatever way you chose?

It was the girl behind the curtain whispering in your ear. Drawing you a map and showing you the x marked freedom. Then, once you had finally found your way she disappeared. Her whispers left your mind. She went back behind her curtain to find another soul in need of saving. Because one day we will all need someone to whisper in our ears. To draw us a map and show us that we deserve better than this. One day, you might hear her again. When your shoulders are heavy and the world feels like to much to bear alone. She will be there. Showing you that you are not alone. You were never alone.

So pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. Next time there’s a shadow in the corner of your eye or a flicker in the back of your reflection. Don’t be frightened. She is only checking in. To make sure you are free. To remind you that you never have to do it alone.

Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. She is only doing her work.

Or so the story goes. . . .


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