A Letter To Myself. . .

Dear me,

Let’s go. The world is waiting and you’re sat at home watching Netflix for the third night this week. You want to write. But how can you create something wonderful when you’re letting wonder pass you by?

I know sometimes you don’t feel real. I know sometimes it feels like life is just out of reach and every time you think you’ve grasped on, it turns into smoke. But you ARE real. This is real…

Open your eyes. Breathe it in. Let your routine be a guideline, not a prison cell. I know that seeing the world is scary, but aren’t you more afraid of missing out? Use your fear, let it make you stronger. Remember that complacency is your enemy and then maybe you can finally free the words you’ve kept trapped in your head for so long.

It’s time to let it all out. It’s time to escape your anxiety and use the memories to make…something. Anything. Just let yourself create.

Be brave…


Amber xx


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