Haunted. . .

I often feel as though I’m being followed. Down the street, around the corner, they are always just a few steps behind…

When I’m waiting for the bus, dreading the mundanity of the work day ahead I can feel it’s breath on my shoulder. I know that it’s watching, I know that it’s waiting. But what does it want from me? It never leaves; as I wander through the world it wanders with me. Sometimes I feel it reach, tugging on my blanket while I sleep and brushing the ends of my hair. I can’t ignore it.

“Make me real…”

It’s always there; crouched in the corners of my mind, creeping through my thoughts while I sleep.

“Make me real…”

How do I make it stop?

“Make me real…”

My days are filled with shadows; they follow me through the world, whispering in my ear, making me wonder…

Is this all there is?


I often feel as though I’m overflowing.  There are worlds inside my mind and the people are trying to escape.

I am haunted by ideas…all I can do is make them real.



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