Boys & Girls At Parties. . .

The Boy

I had never seen anyone like you… Well that’s probably not true, hundreds of faces pass us by everyday so chances are I’ve seen someone who looks at least a bit like you. But I’d never seen anyone who made feel the way you did, when you caught my eye all I could think of was butterflies and how I could strike up conversation without seeming weird. I would be lying if I said you didn’t terrify me; you had that hair flip, eyelash flutter way of making people listen to you. Your voice was gentle but your eyes were fiery and I longed to be a part of your conversation. I was already enthralled and unlike the others I hadn’t even been lucky enough to hear you speak. From across the room I could watch the way your body swayed to the music but your mind focused on your audience, you weren’t distracted by the beer and drums that fogged the minds of others. You remained truly interesting. I bet talking to you could make me truly interesting too.

The Girl

I had seen hundreds of boys just like you. Quiet boys, who wander into my life thinking I’ll save them from whatever inner torment they’ve imagined. You had been stood alone at a party for hours. Who does that? Talking to people isn’t hard and yet when someone approached you and started to speak it was like watching a re-enactment of ancient torture techniques. For a long time, I didn’t even notice you were there. You were standing so still that from the corner of my eye you were easy to mistake for a curtain or a potted plant. When I realised you were watching me all I could think of was sad men in bad romantic comedies and how I could leave your eyeline before you plucked up the courage to approach me. You were looking at me like I was fire but that just makes you a moth. Don’t be a moth, be the flame…


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