Moonlit Disguise – A Poem

I spent two hours getting ready.

Painted my lips with temptation

And my eyes with moonlit dust

Hoping you will confuse colour with love

Or lust.

Maybe if this sparkle covers my eyes

It will disguise, how much I need this.

And if my lips are painted red

You won’t see how parched they’ve become without a kiss.

I could be lucky…

If I squeeze into this dress

I could hide my distress

under lace and silk, you’ll never know

I’ve spent too many nights alone.

And I know you’ve only seen me through your phone

But maybe wine will be enough of a filter

that you’ll miss the marks on my skin.

Because life doesn’t leave an airbrush

And my flesh is no longer untouched.

But I’ll spend these hours at the mirror,

Mixing dreams with makeup

Until I create constellations on my cheeks

So, you’ll think that I’ve seen stars,

then you won’t need to seek a reason

For the scars, underneath.

And when you peel back the silk and lace

You won’t find a trace

Of a girl that’s yet to be mended

Because you’ve been tempted

By stars and moonlit dust.

And I’ll just have to trust, that when morning comes

And my disguise is undone

You’ll stay.


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