I’m Ok – A Poem

The first time a doctor examined me,

He picked apart my brain

And tried to see

what was going on beneath the words

I’d written on my lips.

“I’m ok” I try to insist

As he pulls back painted eyelids

And reads my thoughts.


He takes needles and tugs on a thread

Being very careful not to let

Memories unravel,

As he travels through my head

Trying to see,

What’s wrong with me?


“I’m ok” I plead

As he unties the knot in my chest

And I’m plummeting

But he’s still rummaging,

Draining the tears away

Tells me with training I’ll be ok.


Stitch me up.

He puts the pieces back together and asks if I want to talk.

But then the time runs out

And I’m out the door.

Still feeling the sting from the thoughts, he explored.

Like a rash I can’t itch

And it’s spreading with every session

I’m still learning to express it….

“I’m not ok.”


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