Hello Again

Hello again, fancy running into you here. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long but I won’t waste our time with excuses. After all, you never know how generous time is feeling; one moment time is flooding you with its presence, the next it’s fled over the hills leaving you with nothing but a horrible feeling that you’re always going to be three steps behind.

It feels strange to be back here, almost like visiting the house you moved away from a few years back. The rooms all seem the same; I think I could walk around with my eyes closed. But when I try, I realise the doorways feel smaller now and someone’s moved the bed so I end up with bruised elbows and a lump on my knee. At least the kitchen still has roses in the window and the armchair is still soft enough to sink into. It’s still comfortable here; it still feels like someone’s home.

I’ve wanted to come back here for a while now. Countless times I’ve sat down at my laptop dressed in pyjamas and armed with a cup of tea that’s destined to go cold once I get into the flow of things. But so far, every time I’ve tried to sit down and write the way I did before, to write like nothing has changed in the months I’ve been away, I’ve ended up with a blank page and an empty cup of tea.  Because the problem is, things have changed. And to repeat the same practices when they no longer suit you is just as silly as turning 25 and trying to put on the same coat you wore when you were 17. It doesn’t fit anymore, accept it and move on.

Not to fear! I’m not vanishing from the strange and wonderful realms of the Internet! This is not goodbye; it is merely a new hello! I will be back here again but there are a few changes on the horizon…

I can’t promise to stick to a schedule or anything as fancy pants as that but I’ll be back with bookish chat, poetry and stories galore! I do hope you’ll bear with me as things begin to change, it’s all looking to get a bit mad here but if we all hold hands and lead with our right feet I think we can make it through.



  1. Ahh your writing is so beautiful! xx it really drew me in 🙂 I’m glad you’re back to blogging! I hope you’ll stick around. I’d love to read your posts! ❤


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